Part 1: How to Get Side or Full-time Income from a website

Work: You have it or you don’t. Perhaps you’re one of the lucky one’s that do have work, but you’re looking to balance your life with extra income, you’re a business owner without a website who’s looking to get more money in the door or you may not have work at all in this moment, but you’re in need of money to take care of your bills, spouse, children, etc. You also may just be the kind of person that is looking for ways to make extra money just to have some extra money!

Whatever the reason is, I’ve been working with people like yourself for a long time and I’ve learned a lot of things along the way that have helped a LOT of people and companies get more money in the door. I’d like to share with you some words of wisdom in the multi-part series:

1) Decide what you are good at or have access to.

Do you have a product you make or sell? Could you reproduce them easily and quickly or custom make them for people? Do you have a personal service you could give to people over the phone or via email? A personal service you could do in person? A workshop you’ve always wanted to do? A class you’ve always wanted to teach? How about a tele-class (a class you teach over the phone to a bunch of people)?

Think about what you are good at and what you have access to. Write down some notes about what you could be doing.

2) Create a business name.

What kind of name could you give this new business idea? Think about your audience, the kind of people that would be buying your things, and how people would find you. If your business is health counseling, what kind of health counseling is it? How do you want to attract people to you? Do people already know who you are or would a name like “Healthy You Today” be better?

3) Buy a domain name

If you have a business name in mind, try it on by looking up what URLs are available. We recommend Take into account the following:

  • Is it available
  • Is it easy to spell and remember?
  • Is it short?
  • Can I get a .com?
  • Can I get it without a dash?

If you feel like you’ve got the right business name and you’ve found a URL that works, buy it right away! If you don’t, someone else could steal that URL. We recommend buying anything related to it, if you don’t want anyone to take the name, including .net, .org, etc.

… to be continued.

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