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April 21, 2012

“Do It Yourself” to be featured on the album “KinderAngst”

Debbie’s previously unreleased track “Do It Yourself” will be featured on the “KinderAngst” album, a collection of punk rock tracks for children. A little excerpt of the song can be found on the kinderangstmusic.com page.

“KinderAngst is here to usher in a different kind of musical journey for kids and their parents. Channeling rock icons from The Ramones to The Shangri-Las to David Bowie, KinderAngst creators and respected singers/multi-instrumentalists, Palmyra Delran and Rachelle Garniez, have created a cast of vivid characters who deliver smart, witty and engaging punk rock songs for children. While messages of friendship, acceptance and patience are strewn throughout this album, these are not your typical candy-coated children’s tunes. KinderAngst is a citified alt-rock album told from the perspective of children who are experiencing the universal growing pains of childhood, offering kids a way to positively work through their experiences. Of course, there are also plenty of lively choruses, crunchy guitars and eclectic musical homages that will make the most discerning fans and parents sigh with relief; there is even an exciting never-before-released track by Debbie Harry!


Set in the imaginative world of Alphabet City, a reference to New York City’s Lower East Side, KinderAngst uses the spirit of punk rock to gently address the youthful angst caused by navigating the social landscape of childhood, whether it’s dealing with friendships, parental discipline or struggling with individuality. Children are encouraged to embrace their feelings and to understand that it’s only temporary if they have a bad day or feel like they don’t fit in. The songs also provide a unique glimpse into city life; from public transportation, to tight living quarters, to the unique personalities that pop up along the way, it is the encounters with friends, family, strangers and neighborhood dynamics that present both the challenges and the carefree moments that inspire the songs. Ultimately, KingerAngst creates a space for children to openly engage with their emotions, and gives them the strength and encouragement to overcome them because the kids of KinderAngst do.”

The album is scheduled to be released on June 5, 2012 and can be pre-ordered at kinderangstmusic.com and amazon.com.

sources: antimusic.com & kinderangstmusic.com

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