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About Elle*Eye Design

Elle*Eye Design is a web design consulting and strategy firm based in Portland, Oregon. We specialize in planning and strategy for web projects small and large for clients across the country.

Through a selection process, we also offer a handful of clients with WordPress blog & website development, Google search engine optimization (SEO), & Logo Design.

Our Team

Lisa A. Snyder, Founder / Director

With over 22 years of experience, Lisa A. Snyder has headed the re-design, coordination and maintenance process of over 200+ websites.

With her creative designs and marketing guidance, she has brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business opportunities in addition to greater online exposure for her clients.

Along with her digital strategy, she is the Founder & CEO of Tokeativity, The Global Cannabis Community for women. Her work has attracted the likes of MTV.com, television personalities from popular TV shows to local and respectable non-profits such as The American Civil Liberties Union, Discover Jersey Arts and The ArtPride New Jersey Foundation. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Rolling Stone, Willamette Week, Portland Monthly, TimeOut New York Magazine for her organizational work. She has been a judge for the Web Marketing Association’s Web Awards since 2012.

She is the daughter of CBS Television’s 1988 Emmy Award winner Michael J. Snyder, who was accredited as engineering such shows as the Evening News with Dan Rather & Connie Chung, US Open, and NFL Today, among others. In 1992, her father introduced her to the web on the computer they shared and four years later began building websites.

She is a Cum Laude graduate of Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Computer Graphics. In February 2008 and again in April 2010, she was recognized in Time Out New York and Go Magazine (named “The Very Best in New York City Music“) for her organization work as the Founder of the MichFest Benefit Party and sponsorship with Elle*Eye Design, which spread nation wide.

Her specialties include Digital Strategy, Website Planning, Strategy & Coaching, Art Direction, Team Coordination, Website Project Management, Web Design, & WordPress.

Besides her tech passions, she enjoys in Portland, OR, writing, supporting people who are passionate about making their dreams a reality, her wife, Cat and their dog, Ziggy.


me (square)

Elliot Olson, Web Development & Social Media

Elliot is a website developer and social media strategist with a focus on social networking optimization. She studied design, marketing, coding, and writing before finding her niche in website development and social media strategizing. She has worked with a wide variety of clients, including lawyers, artists, dancers, musicians, copywriters, authors and nonprofits.

Elliot specializes in WordPress customizations, social media consulting and creating actionable strategies to meet client goals. She enjoys helping clients articulate their web needs and explore website solutions. Besides her website development and social media work, she has written website copy, designed newsletter, and optimized websites for search engines.

Elliot is a graduate of Lewis and Clark College. When not working online, she can be found exploring the Pacific Northwest, traveling, and hiking.


Website Design and Development, WordPress Optimization and Customizations, Social Media Analysis, Social Networking, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Newsletter Design and Maintenance, E-Newsletter Marketing, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, cPanel Setup


WordPress Customization, Social Media Consulting, Social Networking Optimization

Catherine Caperello, Copywriting & Editing

Isn’t there something so delicious and wholesome about clean copy?

The stuff that excites you briefly, just enough to interrupt your normal flow and grabs your attention with an interesting question or call to action.

After that, you know what you’ve got to do, or at least it’ll be on your mind. It fuels your drive from the inside – and it doesn’t even get stuck in your teeth.

I want to help you get your stuff in front of your ideal audience, AND inspire them to take action.

My diverse writing background can help you communicate your ideas in all types of formats – from pamphlet to tweet, blog post to eBook.

Sure, I specialize in sales and marketing copy, but you can trust me with more than just slogans and snappy about page copy. I can help with anything from penning your formal press release to scheduling your tweets. I can manage your social media identity and marketing campaigns. I can even ghost write your blog – or just polish it up if you like to do your own writing.

Let’s make this happen!


Fine print: Catherine is a magna cum laude graduate from the State University of NY: University at Albany, Rockefeller School of Public Policy with a Bachelor of Political Science with a minor in journalism. She’s written professional for newspapers and clients in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Michigan. She is currently working on a novel, her blog and a plan to ride her bicycle from coast to coast. Fancy, huh?

Elena Maas, Graphic Designer

Elena (Ellie), native of Germany, has over 4 years of design experience in the corporate world. Right out of college she started working for an in-house team designing and laying out catalogs, working on trade show materials, such as posters, flyers, handouts and large scale banners.

Since January of 2014, she has been working at an agency where she regularly interacts with clients in order to find out what will fit their need regarding their new brand identity. She wants her designs to represent her clients in the best way possible. The initial logo design is the best part because it sets the tone for the rest of the materials and trying to find ways on how to incorporate certain bits and pieces of a logo is one of her favorite tasks. She loves minimalistic design that stands out and makes people think and ask what the reasoning behind this specific design is. She likes to dig in and find the small things that make people special that will then be incorporated in the design.

She has worked with and learned from exceedingly skilled graphic designers over the years and loves to interact with people, which is why she has picked up a lot of more freelance design. Wedding invitations, holiday cards, business cards and also photography have been a big part of her schedule.

Ellie recently re-branded a growler shop and is in the process of branding a Brazilian waxing studio on downtown Atlanta.


Branding, Magazine/Catalog Layout, Typography, Stationery Design, Photography, Digging deep (into the niches that make people special, that can be integrated in the design)


Jen BrownJen Brown, Copywriting & Editing

With nearly 20 years of writing experience, Jennifer Brown has written and edited in several industries including IT and financial services as well as the travel industry, non-profits, academia, entertainment, sports, the arts, and creative work. She has taught composition, creative writing, business communications, public speaking, and social responsibility at the college level since graduating with her masters. Her work has appeared in Quarter After Eight, The Ithaca Times, Ithaca College Quarterly, The Free George, and various other websites.

She graduated in 1999 from the nationally recognized Bowling Green State University Creative Writing Program with an MFA and a specialization in fiction. Since that time she has written for newspapers, websites, and businesses where she has been both recognized and lauded for her commitment to quality and accuracy, as well as her ability to deliver by deadline.

In addition to her writing, she enjoys running, cycling, soccer, reading, traveling, politics, psychology, volunteering, and coaching youth sports.



Marketing, Arts/Fine Arts, Sports/Nutrition, Social Issues, Non-profit (including grants), Press Releases, Technical Writing, Business, Travel/Dining, Outdoors, Popular Culture, Reports/RFPs, Content Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


sarah3Sarah Suryatenggara, Graphic Designer

With 15 years experience as graphic designer, including more than 8 years in magazine publishing company, Sarah now focus in logo design and print design. Her design style is clean and minimalist (but with maximal impact). She has worked with various clients, from F&B to Information Technology company, from Law Firm to Event Organizer, from Non Profit Organization to Entertainment company.

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, Macromedia Freehand, CorelDraw, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Visual Communication, Branding & Identity, Publishing, Art Direction, Typography, Layout, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Magazine Design, Pre-Press