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Hey folks, we have a new service list that's now available! Check it out, here or read the list below. Get a quote now, email us with questions, or give us a call now, +1-609-474-0771. Design Consulting Need some help making design decisions for your website or software? Perhaps you have a website that needs a face lift, but you’re not sure how to go about it? [ View service details ] Small Business Coaching Work directly with Lisa A. Snyder, an experienced small business starter and owner (who’s worked for and helped Andrea Beaman take her web business to the next level) who will help guide you to make the best web decisions for your business. [ View service details ] Website Design The Basic Package The Starter Package The Business Package The Money Maker Package The Money Maker Package +  Business Coaching Custom Websites & Ala Cart Work [ View service details ] Social Media Facebook? Twitter?! YouTube??!! — we can help. [ View service details ] Build Me a Blog Only looking to have a blog and not a website? We’re happy to help you create that. [ View service details ] Online Store Are you looking for a way to sell online? We have been working in the online store world since 2004 and can help set you up with an online store which you can maintain OR we’ll maintain it for you. Small and Large. Distribution or no distribution. [ View service details ] Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization) We’ll go through your site and create meta tags that are keyword rich and competitive so you can get higher up in Google, naturally, with out paying daily with those [...]

News from Elle*Eye Clients

Our clients have been busy building their businesses and lives, here's what they've been upto: Jeff Furman's latest book, out this Winter! Elle*Eye Client since 2008 • PMP guru Jeff Furman is coming out with his book, The Project Management Answer Book. CurryYoung's latest book, now available! Elle*Eye Client since 2010 • Curry Young's Book, Be a Brilliant Business Writer, is now available in paperback and kindle from! Visit their newly re-designed site, here: Stephanie Snyder's Plum Catering Elle*Eye Client since 2010 • Stephanie & her business, Plum Catering will be appearing at "Appetite 4 Awareness" on Oct 24th. There will be gluten-free vendors from all across the country. She'll be handing out samples of Plum Pits, her gluten-free version of a Reeces) and Plum Pizza (gluten-free grill pizza). Expected attendance is 2,000 +! Event info Check out Stephanie's site: Donna Sonkin's Get Thin for the Camera Elle*Eye Client since 2007 • Donna's having a HEALTHY LIVING 6 week Class. 6 Wednesday evenings from 6:30-9pm in NYC. Tuition is $350. Check out more details and sign up at Stefanie Ziev's Ziev Coaching Elle*Eye Client since 2008 • Stefanie was recently featured in Redbook Magazine! Check out her life and development workshops and consulting at Andrea Beaman has a new DVD out! Elle*Eye Client since 2007 • Andrea has recently released a new DVD on Thyroid health (1h 26 min). Check it out, here. Bernard Del Ray's Elle*Eye Client since 2010 • Bernard and his RFPWin team will be in Boston on 11/5, NYC on 11/30 and London on 2/1/11, teaching a 6 hour course. Check out for more information on these courses. Alara Castell starts Holiday 28 Day [...]

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Part 3: How to Get Side or Full-time Income from a website

7. Find a design company We know a good one [wink wink ;)]. Don't ask your friend or relative to "do you a favor". If your business grows, as you want it to and know it will, you will have more needs than your friend or relative can provide for you. Also, I often find that people feel "guilty" asking for updates. No one should ever feel bad updating their website to provide for their life. 8. Set a budget and a timeline - be realistic! Tell the design company what you're looking to do. Ask them a general how long it will take and how much it may cost. You can communicate how much you can spend. Be advised that professional results are not cheap! You get what you pay for. If you are paying someone $200 for a website, know that you will have to buy another one later (along with the headaches that come along with doing it ALL OVER again.). 9. Hire a company and keep open communication, with goals. Once you hire a company, make sure to keep open communication with them. This doesn't mean calling daily to "check in" - just stay on top of what's going on and the company should do the same. Set goals and followthrough with delivering what the web company needs in order to get your website done in a timely fashion. more tips to come!

Part 2: How to Get Side or Full-time Income from a website

(continued from part 1) 4. Decide on a hosting plan After you have decided which domain or set of domains you want to register from, you need to decide what kind of hosting plan is going to work best for you. If you are small or medium sized business, we recommend you purchase the LINUX plan. There's no long term contract required, which is great. You can pay monthly, quarterly or annually. We recommend purchasing annually; you save a ton of money in the long run. A hosting company should be available 24/7 with a US phone number to contact. One of the reasons why we HIGHLY support Once you have chosen your domain names and hosting account, check out and SAVE YOUR INFO! They will give you a customer number, you'll choose a pin and remember your password! This is going to come in handy when you are ready to get your website done. 5. Decide what pages you want to have on your website You may want to get in touch with a professional web design company to bounce ideas off of them on what pages you want to have. Look at competition. Google other companies that may be doing something similar to you. What are they doing? What is the difference between you and them? Write down what pages you think would help YOU sell YOUR services. Many people have the following pages to start with: HOME ABOUT SERVICES CONTACT Some other pages that they add down the road, once they've been in business for a few months are: TESTIMONIALS PRESS You may be an actor who's got a completely different business model; selling YOURSELF! Pages you might have are: HOME BIO [...]

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Part 1: How to Get Side or Full-time Income from a website

Work: You have it or you don't. Perhaps you're one of the lucky one's that do have work, but you're looking to balance your life with extra income, you're a business owner without a website who's looking to get more money in the door or you may not have work at all in this moment, but you're in need of money to take care of your bills, spouse, children, etc. You also may just be the kind of person that is looking for ways to make extra money just to have some extra money! Whatever the reason is, I've been working with people like yourself for a long time and I've learned a lot of things along the way that have helped a LOT of people and companies get more money in the door. I'd like to share with you some words of wisdom in the multi-part series: 1) Decide what you are good at or have access to. Do you have a product you make or sell? Could you reproduce them easily and quickly or custom make them for people? Do you have a personal service you could give to people over the phone or via email? A personal service you could do in person? A workshop you've always wanted to do? A class you've always wanted to teach? How about a tele-class (a class you teach over the phone to a bunch of people)? Think about what you are good at and what you have access to. Write down some notes about what you could be doing. 2) Create a business name. What kind of name could you give this new business idea? Think about your audience, the kind of people that would [...]

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We Recommend: Audio Video Web – Pay Per View Video, Web Casting, Video Streaming, On-Demand Content, Live Video, Presentations

We’ve added a new Partner! Audio Video Web – Pay Per View Video, Web Casting, Video Streaming, On-Demand Content, Live Video, Presentations Audio Video Web offers cost effective content. Simplify your life with 24/7 personalized phone support and an incredibly user-friendly account management system. Just two of the many ways AudioVideoweb helps you. They’ve been in business for more than 10 years, and have clients in 45 countries. Some of their clients include: Audio Video Web can help you with: LIVE WEBCASTING ON-DEMAND CONTENT SIMULATED LIVE PRESENTATIONS Read more about their services below, check out their website and demos or call them today and reference Elle*Eye Design, LLC – 1-781-429-4500 […]

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