Important Notice about the Heartbleed Bug: What is it?

Many of you may have been getting emails from various websites about the "Heartbleed Bug" that has affected big websites on the internet. We'd like to educate you on what it is, what it means for your website, and what we can do to help.   1) WHAT IS THE HEARTBLEED BUG? Watch this CBS News Video: 2) LEARN ABOUT CURRENT WEBSITES AFFECTED: Look for sites on this list (it's a long one!). The ones with the frowny face :( or the ones that say "vulnerable" are the ones to especially change passwords for and keep an eye on. 3) WHAT CAN BE DONE TO PROTECT YOUR OWN WEBSITE NOW? Here's some things you can do on your own: - Go to this website and type in the URLs of all of your websites to see if they are vulnerable: - We suggest that you spend some time and change all your passwords. Make sure they are not words in the dictionary or easy for a hacker. We've been using the free tool, LastPass, and so far it's been a great resource for password management. Change your passwords every few months. Email us if you'd like some help changing your website passwords. - Inform your web team you about your changed passwords and related websites they work on with you so they are able to login again and work on your site if need be. Inform your team in the future if any additional changes arise. 4) WHAT CAN BE DONE TO PROTECT YOUR WEBSITE IN THE FUTURE? We have a few suggestions: A) WEBSITE INSURANCE: Schedule Reoccurring backups with us. What we do: Backup your entire wordpress website every day, week, or month [...]

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